A downloadable FUGU for Windows

In a coral reef along the coast of Okinawa / Japan, lived the Fugu Fighters. They are a tough group of blowfish who had mastered the art of combat, and constantly competing against each other.

As a Fugu Fighter, you puff yourself up, make yourself huge and and bash onto your opponent as hard as you can. You gain pace by deflating yourself, rapidly "leaking" the water you stored in your belly. You charge in the opposite direction you are facing, and butt-smash your opponent to oblivion.

Beware the trechareos sea urchins, as their spikesmwill hurt you; or better use the little buggers to your advantage! Push your opponent onto them to deal more damage.

So in conclusion; as the Elder Fugu once said, "Nothing blown, nothing gained…"

Made by "Team Leaky Balls":

Jacop Korsgaard (Programmer)

Martin Lyngaa Durhuus (3D Artist)

Tobias Elleboe Cordsen (Designer)

Selin Sop (Designer)

Luca Salfi (Programmer)

Praveen Namasivayam (Sound Designer)


FuguFighting-NGJBuild.zip 53 MB