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Welcome to Allagistan, the prominent state-country of Europe in year 2112. Allagistan is founded on the principle that all of its citizens should be "progressives", which means that you are legally not allowed to be stuck to certain ideals and core beliefs. Your opinion on matters have to change all the time, and change really fast!

The ever vigilant Thought Police makes sure the citizens of Allagistan abide by the law, and arrests those filthy "non-progressives" who refuse the abandon their old ways and opinions!

You are the council members and law makers of Allagistan, responsible for deciding how things should be run, and what changes should me made on certain hot topics. On every topic, there will be three (A/B/C) different courses of action for the council members to vote on.

In truth, as council members you are secretly rebelling against your own country by refusing to abandon your ideals.  Your main objective in the game is to get your own original ideal/belief VOTED, without being caught.

After you vote on a course of action, other council members can accuse you for being "Non-progressive" (voting for your old belief).

1) If the accusation is correct and you get CAUGHT trying to vote for your own idea, you are arrested by the Thought Police, and lose your right to vote. (There is a way to win your right back, it will be explained later.)

2) If it turns out you are falsely accused, you are free to openly vote for your own choice of action.


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